Masters of Sex just finished its second season, and has been renewed for a third season. The Showtime show is an intelligent and funny show that chronicles the research and lives of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who revolutionized knowledge of human sexuality, debunking Freud in the process. Masters of Sex is based on Thomas Maier's 2009 book, and stars Michael Sheen as Masters and Lizzy Caplan (who was hilarious in another of our favorite shows, Party Down) as Johnson. Caplan is a big fan of Saved by the Bell, and has a cat named after which character of that show?

All I really wanted out of my new squat was a quiet room to put a desk in so I could just sit and write. But the young gutterpunks who moved into the upstairs unit were thinking much bigger... "We would turn this lot into a community garden!" they announced. "We'll build a fence and paint murals on it and turn this squat into a community art center where little kids can come after school and paint!" It was pretty ambitious, but what is a dream about space but a dream about who we might be? What is a city, if not the aspirations of the people who live in it?


Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell cast in second season of True Detective. It's cool they're not recycling material/characters. But it's also kind of a bummer.


Reading digitally makes you read less deeply. "Read an E-book Day" changed its name to "Skim an E-book Day."


Apparently international "Read an E-book Day" was Thursday. Like we don't spend enough time staring at screens already, we need an official day to tell us to do it more.