Spin called Radiohead's 2000 album, Kid A, “the most highly anticipated rock record since Nirvana's In Utero.” It was the band's first record in three years, since OK Computer transformed them into one of the world's most popular acts. When Kid A landed – with its wildly transgressive style and eccentric fervor – it inspired Pitchfork's critic to write about shooting stars and “[weep] in awe.” Despite any singles and internet bootlegs abound, the album debuted at number one, winning a Grammy for “Best Alternative Album.” Radiohead recorded 30 songs, releasing only ten tracks on Kid A while saving many for which album?

This is ground zero for those with unusual enfacement. This is their tent city in which I'm sometimes welcome. A lending library features everything, which includes the television's anthemic bleating, the sadcore harp, Why are you smirking up your face making obnoxious facial scenes?, touchscreens, micro-ground coffee, antiqued rose-colored garments and a biographical history of the color pink, Sally Hemings, a spaceship, portable defibrillators, cat memes, nail polish that hardens to a ceramic finish, a repurposed ashtray a railcar, inside-out pocket watches...


A singular blog post gets blogger multi-book deal. "I decided to start a blog and create a movement."


New York Governor Cuomo finds out how hard a book tour can be. "Hillary Rodham Clinton, he was not."


Amazon opening holiday pop-up stores in NYC, SF. Great discounts, you just have to agree to sit on Jeff Bezos' lap.