It was announced last week that Twin Peaks – David Lynch's enchanting show about the disappearance of precocious teenager Laura Palmer in the peculiarly mysterious town of the title – would be coming to Showtime for an 8-episode run, picking up 25-years after the original series aired, with many of the cast returning. The show featured an incredible, atmospheric score, written by Angelo Badalamenti with David Lynch sitting beside him at a keyboard. How did the musical collaboration come about?

There are planets so far away from ours that no scientist will ever guess that they exist, let alone know the stories of their civilizations, their beginnings and ends. They're not being kept secret from us, but they're secret all the same.


The Hobbit trilogy cost nearly $750 million to make. This Lego movie lets you watch the first film in just 72 seconds.


China's government pissed at Kenny G for playing Hong Kong protest. Probably nice for G to learn he can get a rise out of anybody.


Annual ALA study shows "rise in efforts to get books banned that cover poverty and social class." America, Fuck Yeah!