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If you have something pressing or specific for someone individually, you can drop us a note directly. Our email addresses are our first names followed by @twodollarradio.com. Except for Eliza. Her email address is elizajane@. Diva.

Publicity and event queries should be directed to Eric Obenauf (eric[at]twodollarradio.com).

Please read: Our hope in re-opening submissions is to get better about reviewing and responding. Most of the problem is that there are just a few of us, and we try to tackle too much. First off, understand that. If you submitted your work while we were closed for submissions, we didn't read it and you should submit it now.

Second, because of the volume of submissions we receive, it is nearly impossible to respond directly to every single submission. We will try our best to respond in a timely manner. If you submitted your work and have not received a response after 3 months, feel free to check back in.

Third, if your manuscript has been accepted elsewhere or if you have elected to self-publish your work, we ask that you let us know. Seriously, it'd be rude not to.

Fourth, and probably most important: If you are unfamiliar with our books, please review the type of work that we have published in the past and ensure that what you're asking us to consider is even in the same ballpark. Seriously, it'd be rude not to. This very much applies to agents as well.

Submissions should be directed to submit[at]twodollarradio.com, and should include a cover letter in the body of the email that features a succinct synopsis of the manuscript, any relevant biographical details about the author, and anything else of note, such as blurbs or quirky marketing ideas. The entire manuscript should be attached to this email as a Word document. The subject line of the email should read 'Title - Author Name.'

If you send us something that is poorly organized or painful to look at, we'll delete it and won't feel bad. If you snail-mail a hard-copy of your manuscript to our office without us requesting that you do so, it will be recycled.

Apologies if this comes off as harsh, but a lot of the reason why we had to close submissions for so long was because folks weren't following our guidelines or considering the type of work we already publish before submitting. We hope that by weeding some of these out we will be able to become more efficient and respectful when reviewing your work. That is our goal.

If you are interested in submitting work to Frequencies, please review our submissions information.

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Please contact our Senior Rights & Marketing Associate, Brian Obenauf, for more information on a specific title or to request a reading copy.

Brian Obenauf
Senior Rights & Marketing Associate

You can also view our latest rights catalog.

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