Octavia Books
Tuesday, July 30
513 Octavia St.
New Orleans, LA

Maple Street Bookshop
Thursday, August 1
7529 Maple Street
New Orleans, LA

Barnes & Noble
Friday, August 2
2590 CitiPlace Court
Baton Rouge, LA

SubText: a Bookstore
Wednesday, August 7
165 Western Ave. North
St. Paul, MN

Brooklyn Book Festival
Sunday, September 22
Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza
209 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY

Here are a handful of the more amusing pictures we've taken at various events over the past couple years. We'll every so often tack on some more. We have plenty of videos of our authors reading on our YouTube and JustinTV pages, as well as performances of Japanther and Care Bears on Fire performing at Wrrrrock On 2010, so be sure to check those out as well.
Grace Krilanovich at NBF's 5 Under 35 Celebration Grace Krilanovich at the National Book Foundation's 5 Under 35 party - 11/2010
Joshua Mohr launch reading for Some Things Joshua Mohr reading at his launch party for Some Things That Meant the World to Me - 06/2009
Orange Eats Creeps on Parks & Recreation The Orange Eats Creeps makes a cameo on 'Parks & Recreation,' filmed at Vroman's Bookstore - Fall 2011
BEA '09 BEA 2009
Rudy Wurlitzer and Gary Indiana read at 192 Books Gary Indiana and Rudy Wurlitzer at 192 Books - 05/2009
Erotomania launch party Erotomania launch party at the Museum of Sex, with Craig Mod, Eliza, Meryl Zegarek, Eric, and Francis Levy
Jay Neugeboren reads from 1940 Jay Neugeboren reading at Morningside Bookshop - 04/2008
Bling Bling with Barney Rosset Francis Levy, Barney Rosset, Eric - 12/2007
Two Dollar Radio Open House '06 Not Now Right Now at our first Two Dollar Radio Open House - 03/2006

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