Frequencies is a new biannual journal of artful essays.

Frequencies is edited and published by Two Dollar Radio. New issues will release every Spring and Fall, and will feature roughly five essays or interviews. There will be no empty calories in the form of music or book reviews, just the essays themselves, which will hopefully total a really taut arena for writers to showcase their work.

Two Dollar Radio is a boutique publisher of bold literary fiction based in Columbus, Ohio.

Two Dollar Radio-published books have been honored by the National Book Foundation, picked as 'Editors' Choice' selections by The New York Times Book Review, and made year-end best-of lists at O: The Oprah Magazine, NPR, Time Out New York, and The Believer. They've received praise from The Brooklyn Rail for publishing "some of the finest works of contemporary fiction in the past few years," and The Los Angeles Times for providing the industry with "an air of possibility, the belief that the future was very much in play." The Seattle Stranger envisioned them leading a "dream industry" out of the wreckage of corporate publishing.

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John is the house-artist for all issues of Frequencies, whose original artwork will grace each cover of the journal and whose illustrations will accompany every essay.

John was born in Floral Park, N.Y. He currently resides in Brooklyn. John completed some four years of art school at FIT and appreciates the fact that he doesn’t limit himself to one medium or idea. However, acrylic seems to be his weapon of choice. In 2007 he joined Unruly Heir and fills a momentous role, creating unique prints, T-shirts, and brand illustrations that bestowed another dimension to his commercial work. His art has been shown throughout New York, and many other cities along the east coast.

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If you care at all about supporting literary culture then you won't order Frequencies, or any books for that matter, through amazon.

Having gotten that out of the way with, there are a significant number of indie bookstores that have supported our books, and deserve a lot of the credit for keeping us afloat. We'd prefer you buy our books from them. To find a bookstore in your area, Indiebound has a valuable resource of listings.

You can also order any of our titles directly through our website for shelf-price, or subscribe to Frequencies for a tidy $13 annually.

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