Academics interested in a title for course adoption in the United States and Canada are encouraged to request desk and examination copies through our distributor, Consortium Book Sales & Distribution.

Information on how to request copies is bountiful on the Consortium Academic page.

If you have a particular title in mind, you can key it into the search bar. Or, here is a search for all Two Dollar Radio-published titles listed on the Consortium Academic site.

Bookstores interested in stocking our books should feel free to do so through our distributors.

In the United States and Canada, that's Consortium Book Sales & Distribution.
34 Thirteenth Ave. NE, Suite 101
Minneapolis, MN 55413-2606
(p)612-746-2600 / (f)612-746-2606
ORDERS: (p)800-283-3572 / (f)800-351-5073

In Europe, we are distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services.
Unit 3, Olympia Trading Estate
Coburg Rd., Wood Green
London N22 6TZ

Any bookstore interested in featuring some type of Two Dollar Radio display of titles, we're more than happy to send you various promotional materials, display items including custom bookstands and shelves.

And a hearty thanks to those bookstores who have featured displays in the past or recommended our titles as staff favorites.

If you're interested in hosting one of our authors for a reading or event, feel free to drop an email to Brian Obenauf at brian[at]

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All our books are available for shelf-price through our website. You can order them by selecting the "Order" button on either the Available Books page, or the "Pre-order" button on the Forthcoming Books page. Pre-ordered titles will ship to you the moment they arrive - most oftentimes two to three weeks ahead of the book's publication date.

In addition, if you like our books, we offer annual subscription packages at a discount. These don't operate on the calendar, but on our Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter seasonal lists. Subscriptions are $50 for five books, and include a letter from the editor about each particular book. Advance subscriptions on titles that have yet to be published will often be shipped to you nearly a month before the publication date.

D.I.Y. Subscription:
Your pick of any 5 available or forthcoming titles.
Order for $50.

Year 7 Subscription includes:
Frequencies: Volume Two
A Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims
Nothing by Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon
Frequencies: Volume Three
Mira Corpora by Jeff Jackson
Made to Break by D. Foy
Order for $50.

Year 6 Subscription includes:
Radio Iris by Anne-Marie Kinney
How To Get Into the Twin Palms by Karolina Waclawiak
Frequencies: Volume One
The Other Side of the World by Jay Neugeboren
Crapalachia: A Biography of a Place by Scott McClanahan
Order for $50.

Year 5 SubscriptionsYear 5 Subscription includes:
You Are My Heart and Other Stories by Jay Neugeboren
Seven Days in Rio by Francis Levy
Damascus by Joshua Mohr
Baby Geisha by Trinie Dalton
I'm Trying to Reach You by Barbara Browning
Order for $50.

Year 4 SubscriptionsYear 4 Subscription includes:
The Correspondence Artist by Barbara Browning
The Visiting Suit: Stories From My Prison Life by Xiaoda Xiao
The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich
Termite Parade by Joshua Mohr
The People Who Watched Her Pass By by Scott Bradfield
Order for $50.

Year 3 SubscriptionsYear 3 Subscription includes:
The Cave Man by Xiaoda Xiao
Flats / Quake by Rudolph Wurlitzer
Nog by Rudolph Wurlitzer
Some Things That Meant the World to Me by Joshua Mohr
The Shanghai Gesture by Gary Indiana
Order for $50.

Year 2 SubscriptionsYear 2 Subscription includes:
I Smile Back by Amy Koppelman
Crust by Lawrence Shainberg
Erotomania: A Romance by Francis Levy
1940 by Jay Neugeboren
The Drop Edge of Yonder by Rudolph Wurlitzer
Order for $50.

Year 1 SubscriptionsYear 1 Subscription includes:
Life on the Ledge by Ivor Hanson
Vagabond Blues by Emmanuel Burgin
The Drummer by Anthony Neil Smith
Order for $25.

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Say you've landed upon our website. You've been poking around for a while, seen some interesting sounding titles, read up on our venture, and like what you've read but you don't know where to start.

We'd like to encourage anyone suffering this fate to drop a note to

In your email, mention some books, authors, and even maybe movies that you've enjoyed and we'll try to give you a personalized recommendation of which of our titles we believe might work for you.

There's a lot of information-dust floating around out there and we'd like to offer a human touch to those who may not be familiar with our work, but are curious to learn more.

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Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo UPDATE, 8/21/13:
When we first developed our tattoo subscription, we reserved the right to corral things should they ever get out of control. While things are still under control (for the most part), we’ve decided to cap the Tattoo Club’s lifetime subscription reward at 25 members. We presently have 25 members.

For the 26th club member and on, when you tattoo your person with our radio logo, you will receive any 10 books we have available or forthcoming.

When we initially dreamed up this club, we were never even sure that one person would join, and we are absolutely ecstatic and inspired by the folks out there who have taken the plunge, so to speak. Meeting folks who've gotten the tattoo while at events or conferences has been an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, almost like running into a long-lost friend. So, we certainly welcome any future club members willing to take the plunge, so to speak.

In the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously, we’ve decided to develop a lifetime subscription option at Two Dollar Radio in which readers will be able to get every book we ever publish. Forever. And the best news is that it’s free. Naturally, though, as in all deals that sound too good to be true - like with the Carpet Barn down the street - there’s an asterisk.

There’s a breakfast place in San Diego we used to go to called The Broken Yolk. They have a special on their menu “for the iron man or woman” where if you eat a dozen-egg omelet within an hour it’s free. And, to top it off, you get your name emblazoned on a plaque on the wall.

Our new Lifetime Subscription is kind of like that. It’s for the iron man or woman.

In order to receive the subscription, you’ll have to tattoo our logo upon your body. I’ll be the first to admit that the tattoo itself essentially boils down to branding, which is ordinarily associated with horrific historical events or livestock, but ideally there’s a give-and-take associated with it. A Two Dollar Radio radio tattoo will hopefully grant the brandisher some credibility in literary circles as well as a hipness factor in social settings. Also, it’s a great conversation starter. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to answer the question, ‘Is that a boombox on your wrist?’

For anyone on the fence about getting a literary tattoo but unsure of which to get, compared to other logos the radio logo is pretty cool. Certainly cooler than a wooden chair. Although, I humbly concede, the St. Martin’s Minotaur is pretty bad-ass.

To date, there are three of us who have tattooed the radio upon our body: myself, my wife and business partner, Eliza, as well as author Joshua Mohr. We published his first (Some Things That Meant the World to Me) and second (Termite Parade) novels, and will publish his third book (Damascus) next fall.

I asked Josh to comment on how the tattoo has affected his life, and he said: “The day after getting my Two Dollar Radio tattoo, I won the lottery, fell in love, vanquished a foe, was cast in a feature film, and the Iranian president offered to fellate me (I accepted). All in all, let's just say things are on the uptick for this disgruntled writer.”

While the likelihood of this string of events being repeated for someone else is statistically improbable, Josh Mohr is pretty exceptional.

Availability of the tattoo subscription will continue in perpetuity. Or until things get out of control.

Persons should send an action picture of their tattoo being drawn, as well as a picture after the tat has healed to twodollar[at] You’ll also get a shirt if you send a video. In addition to receiving a lifetime subscription of books, the person will be featured on our website, our virtual plaque on the wall.

As with The Broken Yolk’s omelet special, there had to be that first dude who was offered the challenge of a dozen-egg omelet. I’m not sure if anyone will accept our challenge, but it’d be pretty cool if someone did.

Terms for Tattoo Club Lifetime Subscription:
• Your tattoo must be our company logo radio, please download it from our website or email us for the art file.
• You will supply us with good pictures (tattoo and body part clearly visible) of your radio tattoo during the tattooing (partial tattoo), right after it is completely inked, and then after it has healed (final picture).
• You will supply us with the name of the tattoo parlor, location, and tattoo artist.
• You will supply us with a brief written biography to be posted on our blog with your final picture.
• Your lifetime subscription is non-transferable to anyone else, without exception.
• Out Of Print titles are excluded from the lifetime subscription (applies to past books).
• Mailings will only be made to US mailing addresses, without exception.
• Should a fraudulent radio tattoo be discovered, your subscription will be canceled and you will pay the full amount for each book thus received.
• Lastly, you are responsible for keeping us current with your email and mailing addresses. We will send an email each time we mail a package to you. The current information we have is: (name, address, email)

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